Earth Palette Dyes

— As easy as 123

— Gentle on Fibres & No Nasty Smells

— Mix with warm water & you are ready to dye fibre, yarn or fabric

— All dyes & setting agents in one package

— Environmentally Friendly

Products Available

Wool Dye

for wool, silk, mohair, alpaca and other protein fibres

Cotton Dye

for cotton, linen and other vegetable fibres

Wool Dye contains all setting agents, but Cotton Dye needs Soda Ash and Urea. Mix dye powder with water as per instructions Use Clear to make pale shades and black to make darker shades without weakening setting agents


*colours may appear slightly different on screen compared with the actual dyes

Suggested Starters

For those who like pure colours

red, yellow, blue, black, clear, turquoise

For those who like pinks/violets

brilliant red, yellow, sky blue, black, clear, turquoise